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I'll be candid. At this stage in my career, I’m only taking on projects which interest me. I limit the number of projects I work on each year. My design cycles usually last from 6 to 8 weeks (I quote per project only).

Between projects I spend my time keeping up with the latest design trends and software. Things are changing quickly, and those who don’t keep up fall behind. I’ve always embraced change.


Clients hire me take their product in a new direction, re-skin or modernize existing software, or launch a new platform (such as adapting web applications for mobile devices).

Companies have often built a solid back-end product but have done a poor job on the front-end (the screens that users see). They bury key features behind dialog boxes or their core navigation is confusing. I can help in these situations by performing a “surfacing” audit (a 6-8 week focussed project). 


My designs are high level rather than granular. But I do provide a style guide and prototype walkthroughs so your in-house team has something to guide them as they code.

I’m not an art director, graphic designer, or coder (although I work closely with them). I mention this so there are no false expectations about what I do.




As part of my ongoing research, I have used practically all UX software packages (including Sketch, Invision and Axure).


I’ve narrowed my choices down to the software which I find easiest to use. 


My design kit includes:


  • Adobe XD (wireframes and high-level prototypes)

  • Overflow (schematic visual mapping of XD screens)

  • Zeroheight (online style guide)

  • Editor X (responsive HTML prototypes). 


At the end of each project you’ll receive copies of my files. XD screens are exportable as PNGs or JPGs for use with your preferred UX software.



If you're interested in contacting me, please use the form below.

Need a fresh perspective on your software application? Or go in a new direction? I can help.